Vegetarian Starters

01. Vegetable Spring Rolls

Filo pastry rolls filled with potatoes,
sweetcorn & peas.


02. Vegetable Samosa

Light pastry filled with vegetables.


03. Onion Bhaji

Deep-fried chopped onions with herbs,
spices and gram flour.


04. Paneer Shashlik

Tendered pieces of chargrilled paneer tikka cooked in chef’s special sauce with tomatoes, onions and green peppers.


05. Chilli Paneer

Indian cottage cheese stir-fried in indo/Chinese sauce with onions, peppers and chilies


06. Tandoori Veg Chicken

Soya marinated in tandoori masala and cooked in clay oven.


07. Chilly Veg Chicken

Soya deep fried and tossed with schezwan (Chinese) sauce.


08. Chilly Veg Lamb

Soya chunk (lamb) deep fried and tossed with schezwan (Chinese) sauce


Non – Vegetarian Starters

09. Chicken Nuggets & Fries

Chicken breast which is breaded and
then deep-fried


10. Lamb Samosa

Pastry triangles filled with minced lamb
and deep fried.


11. Chicken Tikka

It is traditionally small pieces of boneless chicken marinated in spices, yogurt and cooked in clay oven.


12. Chilli Chicken

Deep fried chicken marinated in chinese spices and tossed in
schezwan (Chinese) sauce


13. Sheesh Kabab

Minced lamb with a blend of mace, fresh coriander, herbs, skewered & cooked gently over charcoal


14. Lamb Chops

Lamb chops marinated in yoghurt and fresh Indian spices and herbs, cooked slowly in the tandoor.


15. Chicken Pakora

Fish coated in a spicy batter and deep fried, served with salad


17. Chicken 65

Deep fried chicken with yoghurt based south Indian masala sauce.


18. Chilli Prawns

Deep fried prawns with pepper and onions in schezwan (Chinese) sauce.


Main Course Tandoori Sizzlers

19. Chicken Tikka

Tendered pieces of chicken cooked in yogurt and chef’s special tandoori paste


20. Sheesh Kebab

Minced lamb with a blend of mace, fresh coriander, herbs, skewered & cooked gently over charcoal.


21. Chicken Tikka 65

Skewered pieces of marinated chicken in spices grilled in a tandoor with peppers and onions.


22. Acharai Chicken Shashlik

Skewered pieces of marinated chicken in spices grilled in a tandoor with peppers and onions.


23. Janaki Mixed Grill

Sizzling grill with a combination of chicken tikka, sheesh kebab, lamb chops & fish pakoras


Janaki Curries

Create your own curry dishes:
Select any one of the following…



chicken tikka








Add one or more of the following ingredients: Saag, potatoes, mushroom, egg, chickpeas, cauliflower, or yellow daal (lentils) all at 90p each

Choose your sauce

24. Tikka Masala

Prepared with cashew, almonds and
fresh cream

25. Punjabi Karahi

Traditionally cooked with fresh garlic, ginger, tomatoes, green chillies, coriander and a blend of herbs & spices.

26. Hari Bhari

Cooked with a variety of unique masala, spices and sauce made from blended mustard leaves, spinach, coriander and other distinctive flavors.

27. Achari

A popular North Indian curry. Achari
means pickle, this is a dish that is made with all the spices one would normally use in an Indian pickle. It is extremely aromatic and delicious.

28. Aam ka dum

Mango is the symbol of love in India. That is why you will love this spicy and sweet curry cooked with mango pulp in a chef’s special sauce.

29.  Hydrabadi Murg Ka Salan

A traditional Andhra dish made with spicy coconut and nuts gravy tempered with mustard and curry leaves.

30. Jalfrezi

A blend of chillies in oil based garlic & ginger cooked with capsicums, tomatoes and onions to give a hot spicy flavor.

31. Rogan Josh

The Rogan Josh is infused with red and green peppers, onions and tomatoes, with a mix of delicate spices and herbs to create a medium curry.

32. Balti

A famous local dish, cooked with a variety of spices & pickled herbs. A vibrant dish.

33. Bhuna

A beautiful combination of spices with onion, tomatoes and green pepper in a firm dry sauce of medium consistency.

34. Badami Korma

Badami korma is one of the most popular dishes in Britain, and is one of the mildest of the Indian curries-cooked in an almond based gravy, brought together with fresh cream.

Chef’s Specials

35. Dhaba Style
(Chicken or Lamb)

A traditional spicy Indian dish cooked with Chicken or Lamb in a beautiful aromatic sauce.

£10.95 / £11.95

36. Delhi Ki Handi
(Chicken or Lamb)

This is an extremely rich and delicious curry prepared with assorted spices, cooked in traditional Indian full of flavour keema (Mince Lamb) gravy and flavoured with black pepper

£10.95 / £11.95

37. Murgh Kali Mirch 

A hot peppery chicken dish with a sauce of onion, tomatoes and freshly ground black pepper.


38. Reshmi Keema Mutter

Minced Lamb and green peas (mutter) seasoned with Indian herbs and flavoured with fenugreek leaves cooked in traditional style.


39. Murgh Makhanwala

Tender pieces of chicken (off-the-bone) spiced and chargrilled in the tandoor then cooked in creamy rich sauce made with cashews, almonds, tomatoes and butter.


40. Daal Palak Ghost

A wholesome preparation of tender Lamb with yellow lentils and shredded spinach.


41. Shahi Dawat

Slow cooked tender lamb, chicken breast & prawns in a thick sauce bringing sheer delight with every mouthful. The heat/spice of the dish combines with the rich sauce and slight sweetness from the tomatoes that make it very hard to resist.



Biryani is Basmati rice cooked with herbs and a special blend of spices, garnished with crispy onions and served with a vegetable curry sauce

42. Vegetable


43. chicken


44. Chicken Tikka


45. Lamb


46. Prawns


47. Janaki Special

Chicken, Lamb and Prawns



48. Bombay Aloo

Potatoes cooked in a tomato & onion sauce.


49. Bhindi Dopiaza

Okra & chunky diced onions cooked in spiced onion tomato gravy.


50. Amritsari Chole

A spicy and tangy preparation of chickpeas and baby potatoes topped with onions & chutney.


51. Sabzi Masala

Assorted fresh vegetables cooked in a medium strength curry sauce. Palak Panner


52. Mushroom Mutter

Mouth watering North Indian dish cooked with mushroom & peas in a medium souce.


53. Palak Panner

Cottage cheese cooked in velvety sauce of fresh spinach and butter, with a touch of cream.


54. Karahi Paneer

Indian cottage cheese and bell peppers tossed with cumin seeds, ginger, garlic, onions, tomatoes and spices, then topped with masala gravy.


55. Karahi Veg Chicken / Lamb

Cooked veg chicken with fresh garlic, ginger, tomatoes, green chillies, coriander and a blend of herbs & spices


56. Jalfrezi Veg Chicken/Lamb

A blend of chillies in oil based garlic & ginger cooked veg chicken with capsicums, tomatoes and onions


57. Paneer Makhani

Cubes of Indian cheese gently simmered in a buttery makhani, cashew nut sauce.


Janaki Dal (Lentils) Special

58. Tarka Daal

A combination of Chana and Masoor-daal.


59. Dal Makhani

Traditional Punjabi dish cooked in a creamy style.


Rice Dishes

60. Boiled Rice

Fluffy white plain rice


61. Jeera Rice

Cooked with cumin seeds and coriander


62. Onion Rice

Cooked with butter and onion.


63. Pilau Rice

Cooked with peas, cloves, cardamom
and Bay leaf.


64. Mushroom Fried Rice

Rice cooked with mushrooms


65. Fried Rice

Steamed rice fried


66. Keema Fried Rice

Rice fried with minced lamb.



67. Tandoori Roti


68. Butter Naan


69. Garlic Naan


70. Cheese Naan


71. Cheese & ChilLi Naan


72. Cheese & Garlic Naan


73. Peshwari Naan

Cooked with coconut, almond, raisins and honey.


74. Keema Naan

Filled with minced lamb, coriander & cooked with butter



75. Chutney Tray


76. Poppadums


77. Fries


78. raita


If you are allergic or have any food intolerance, kindly let us know when ordering.

All dishes may contain traces of nuts

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